Philip Harris

Got this as a workshop comment on a piece I’m writing that has nothing to do with my sexuality:

“While eminently readable, there is the fact of your sexuality. Is it simply tangential, or is that an element of the narrative? The reader joins this piece without anything other than the idea that, yes, you’re gay, and that seems to be all right. No coming out in back story? Or any of the other tropes that have arisen from society’s reexamination of the issue of sex and sexuality over the last three or four decades?”
Coming out? Back Story? Tropes? Reexamination? Decades?

Should I preface everything, “I came out when I was 15; my parents were fine with it.” ?

Writer Tumblr peeps, thoughts?

Question for the all the artists/writers/designers…

I’m starting to mentally gather steam regarding a large-ish book project with lots of photos and text, a detailed account of a cross-country road trip I’m about to make. I was wondering what free design/layout programs are a good alternative to inDesign. I can’t afford that as I’m a struggling artist. People have suggested OpenOffice, but obviously it seems a little limited. What are your guys’ thoughts? What would you all suggest?